Fraunhofer IVV, Dresden

Brief Profile

The work of the Fraunhofer IVV, Dresden focuses on the efficient design of processing and cleaning operations for the food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. For our R&D work on the processing flexible materials and wet-chemical and dry cleaning we use process analyses and simulations to develop adaptive mechatronic, thermotronic, and fluid mechanical systems for existing processes and Industry 4.0 concepts. This development work is facilitated by new measuring and test methods for quality parameters and material processing behavior. Modern methods of data analysis are used to determine weaknesses and opportunities for improving industrial processes. Assistance systems provide innovative approaches for human-machine interaction.

Research Highlights


Adaptable processes

The components of adaptable processes adapt to changing properties of natural and synthetic materials and to changing process conditions, so guaranteeing higher process stability. Due to automated processing they can be used for a wide range of goods and can be integrated into adaptable value creation chains


Process analysis and simulation

Structured procedures for process analysis allow the identification of interactions and parameters in forming, filling, and sealing processes and also industrial cleaning processes. Systematic data evaluation enables the determination of causal and stochastic relationships between process states, quality parameters, effectiveness parameters, and efficiency parameters.


Industrial cleaning technologies

In order to optimize cleaning processes we develop optical monitoring systems and innovative cleaning technologies for all areas of industrial cleaning. Our know-how and extensive testing facilities enable us to experimentally simulate industrial cleaning processes and test and improve the hygienic design of machinery. Our technology developments in the area of adaptive cleaning mean that empirical systems can be replaced by model-based design, parameterization, and control. These are based on inline analysis systems and diagnostic systems, complemented by cognitive control concepts.


Processing flexible materials

We develop technologies for packing foods, cosmetics, medical products, and pharmaceuticals and for wrapping technical goods with flexible laminates. We focus on thermal joining using hot contact, laser, and ultrasonic methods and thermoforming using self-developed heating and forming tools. Other key areas of work are the processing of web materials and the design of easy opening packaging systems.