Fraunhofer IAIS, Dresden Branch of the Institute

Brief Profile

The Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (FhG IAIS) is the central AI institute of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft with currently about 300 employees. It is one of the most renowned research institutions in the fields of data science, machine learning, information retrieval, and semantic technologies. It has a specialization in hybrid Artificial Intelligence, i.e., approaches that not only learn from data but also use expert background knowledge and models to improve performance. This increases also the comprehensibility, trustworthiness, and reliability of the results.

Fraunhofer IAIS Dresden is researching AI in particular in its leading role in the Fraunhofer Speech Assistant Platform, the BMWi AI innovation platform SPEAKER, as well as in the technical leadership of the largest EU AI funding project AI4EU, the AI competence center Scads.AI (one of currently four AI competence centers in Germany), and the AI center CEE AI.

At the lab in Dresden, we work closely with established research institutions in the field of production technology, communication, and logistics on new human-machine interaction systems and develop dialogue systems for various application areas. In the joint "Center for Explainable and Efficient AI Technologies CEE-AI" with the TU Dresden and other Fraunhofer institutes, we also bundle the AI competencies in and around Dresden. We aim to closely collaborate with the industry to ensure rapid technology transfer to companies. Intelligent systems that support people are already part of our everyday lives: smartphones and voice assistants accompany us every day. They offer support and information - quickly, intuitively and in real-time. Such AI systems are also becoming increasingly important in the industry offering great potential to support people in their tasks. We are researching and building the next generation of such conversational AI systems in our lab.

Research Highlights


Conversational AI

We develop intelligent dialog systems based on "Question Answering" that enable fast and efficient access to information via voice or text input. The results are complete solutions which are data protection-compliant and tailored to the particular needs of users in various application areas, for example in the automotive industry, medicine, production or tourism.


Explainable & Efficient AI: Center for Explainable and Efficient AI Technologies (CEE AI)

In addition, we are committed to bundling the AI competencies of the Dresden region, closely interlinking them with industry and ensuring rapid technology transfer into companies.