Fraunhofer IIS, Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS

Brief Profile

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is one of Germany's most important industrial applied research facilities for the development of microelectronic systems. The scientists in the Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, located in Dresden, develop key technologies for the connected world of tomorrow. Major aspects of their work are the design of reliable microchips and complex electronic systems in leading-edge semiconductor technologies as well as the corresponding design methods. Furthermore, they focus on the development of intelligent sensor systems, the analysis of large amounts of data as well as on new approaches for distributed control systems. Tailored to current industrial needs and future challenges, the researchers work on adaptive and robust technological solutions in a broad range of applications such as mobility and industrial automation.


Research topics


  • System level design
  • Reliability and life cycle prediction for ICs and electronic systems
  • Integrated sensor electronics
  • System integration (from SiP to 3D)
  • Optical sensors
  • Self-learning condition monitoring systems
  • Wireless-networked automation
  • Energy management

Research Highlights


Robust electronics for the vehicles of tomorrow

Safe design of persistent and reliable semiconductor components

A large part of automotive innovation is based on high-performance electronics. The components that are available for this today have been developed for consumer goods.


Automated and reliable analog design

Intelligent IP design flow

Today, ICs are only designed efficiently by means of software. But this automation is hardly possible for analog components on chips. The consequence is disproportional big effort as well as high development costs and risks.


Microchips in the third dimension

Innovative »More than Moore« technologies

Traditional chip layouts increasingly reach their limits. For many applications, components have to be laid out even more compactly and with even higher performance than is customary today. For this reason the future belongs to three-dimensionally designed microchips.


Image processing system with privacy protection

Intelligente image sensor system-on-chip

Researchers at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS have developed an image processing system that detects positions and movement patterns, and automatically attributes these to people or objects.



Smart sensors for Industry 4.0

Affordable wireless sensor systems for real time communication

Interconnected, intelligent sensors are the key components for using modern information and communications technologies in industry.


Acoustic condition monitoring in production

Infrasonics, airborne sound and ultrasound for condition monitoring

Today, a large variety of sensor information is already utilized for condition monitoring in production.