Events in Dresden


Dresden / Fraunhofer IWS / March 12–13, 2020

Symposium "High Entropy Alloys: Potential for industrial applications"

High entropy alloys (HEA) are a group of novel metallic materials that differ significantly from conventional materials in their mechanical and functional properties. They display, for example, high strength while maintaining a ductile deformation behavior, and demonstrate huge potentials for future applications especially at high operating temperatures.


Dresden / Fraunhofer IWS / June 18–19, 2020

8th Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur Batteries"

Lithium-sulfur batteries are the most promising choice for future energy storage systems. Lithium metal anodes are decisive components as they determine cycling stability and specific energy, also in solid state batteries.


Dresden / Fraunhofer IWS / August 24–28, 2020

9th International Summer School "Trends and new developments in Laser Technology"

The one-week summer school offers students and PhD students the opportunity to study basic and applied aspects of laser technology. The program consists of expert lectures, supplemented by participant presentations and informal discussion sessions, as well as laboratory practice.


Dresden / Fraunhofer IWS / September 24, 2020

Workshop »Advanced porous materials for Industry: Metal Organic Frameworks, porous Polymers and beyond«

The developing field of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and porous polymers has gained significant attention in recent years owing to their huge applicability towards various areas like gas adsorption, gas and clean energy storage, gas separation and selective permeation, catalysis, and sensor processes.


Dresden / Fraunhofer IWS / November 23–25, 2020

11th International Laser Symposium


New high power laser sources, emerging wavelengths in the green and blue light spectrum, IR lasers with flexible intensity distribution and new pulsed laser systems with high power and energy density – these intriguing options might open up undiscovered perspectives in laser material processing.


Dresden / Fraunhofer IWS / June 28–30, 2021

International Conference on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Renowned experts will present the latest results, new materials, processes and applications in the field of lithium-sulfur batteries.